What to Expect When You Hire Painters

When hiring painters in Leamington Spa, you’re going to need to know what to expect. As with any tradesman, it’s important that customers know the process and practises regarding decorating on your property.

That’s why at EFTI Decorating, we’ve put together this guide on what to anticipate when your painter arrives, along with any preparations to make beforehand.

Preparations To Make For Your Decorators

Before we begin to explain the decorators process it’s important to outline useful preparations you can make as the homeowner. These practices can help to streamline the job.

Furniture & Vehicle Removal

A useful service you can provide as a customer is to remove any furniture or vehicles away from access to the work anticipated. This way your painters can start decorating right away.

However, it’s worth noting that if this is a service you require as part of the overall job, then at EFTI Decorating, we’re willing to help in whatever way we can. Doing it yourself before arrival is just a way to speed the job up if time is of the essence.

House Removers Moving Furniture Upstairs
Painting Equipment

Design Decisions

Another helpful consideration is making sure you have solidified any design choices ahead of arrival. We offer design advice and as part of our measuring and no obligation quoting, so that you’re getting exactly what you want from our service.

This aspect is particularly important because changing decisions made beforehand can have an unseen affect on your painters and the timeline of your work.

Painters Responsibilities

At EFTI Decorating, we recognise the responsibility that comes with working on your property. That’s why we make sure to prioritise communication and transparency regarding the timeline, and process involved with the job quoted.

To help you consider each step, we’ve outlined them here in a broad overview:

    • After you’ve contacted us an arranged a time, we will arrive punctually to measure up, quote on cost and advise in your best interest.
    • Once decisions have been made, our painters will make sure to arrive at your Leamington Spa premises for the allocated time and date, to commence work.
    • Before any actually work is started, preparation will be made through any movement of necessary furniture, setting up of scaffold and confirmation of choices before work commences.
    • The work can then be broken down into three segments depending on scale of job. Preparation, painting and clean up.

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