What To Look For In Reliable Decorators

Decorators are usually the last tradesman working on a project. As a result, they’re often the individuals responsible for that final finish on your home. Whether you’re completing a new build in Leamington Spa or revamping on old, dull room, we advise using a reliable decorator.

It’s hard to know what to look for when comparing decorators. Luckily, as with most construction-based industries, there are always tell-tale signs to look out for. That’s why we’ve made a comprehensive guide to help you identify these signs, so you end up with a painter you can rely on time and time again.

What Are Your Decorators Responsible For?

It’s important to outline what jobs your decorators should be undertaking whilst carrying out work on your home. 

It’s easy to pass over responsibility to other trades, especially when a construction project has been built from the ground up. However, a reliable decorator would embrace the management of these following aspects:

  • Advice on technical features of decorating, including the right products and colour blends

  • All aspects of paintwork, this involves internal and external walls, woodwork, metalwork and protection of assets.

  • Wallpaper and wall coverings of all styles.

As the last man standing on a project, your decorators will likely be responsible for a final clean-up. If there were any workman previously, they should hopefully have cleaned anything related to their trade, meaning what’s left is solely the decorators responsibility.

Qualities Of Reliable Decorators

Once you’ve outlined what you want the decorators to do, it’s time to identify some personal and technical qualities to look for in a reliable business. It’s difficult to decide which qualities best convey reliability. Therefore, we’ve specified what we pride ourselves on here a EFTI, and why they’re important.


First and foremost, communication is key. The great thing about communication is it’s apparent from the very first interaction. If your decorators are transparent, prompt at responding and communicate everything necessary to provide you with the information you need, then you can safely assume you’re able to rely on them for honesty and a good service.

Leaf Patterned Wallpaper
Light And Airy Dining Room


Secondly, punctuality is important. It’s also a quality easily tested from the beginning.

Decorators should turn up on time, when they say they will for your initial quote. If they do this, you can most likely rely on them continuing to do so throughout the job.


Thirdly, we identify a more technical quality to look for. This is a bit more difficult to evaluate from the outset, which is where checking their reputation comes in handy.

Decorating is an art, and part of that art is precision and accuracy. If your decorators are staining furniture and marking walls, it throws into question their competence and reliability as a painter.

Newly Painted Living Rooms
Modern Office

Attention To detail

Lastly, decorators should have great attention to detail. After all, this is the finish on your home. It’s the permanent state it will be in long term.

It’s vital that your painters have good attention to detail, making sure every little imperfection is covered. They should leave you with as close to a perfect finished product as possible.

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