The Benefits of Hiring Home Decorators

Hiring professional home decorators is the best way to achieve an attractive home. We’ve all been there, trying to do it ourselves. But after the third tin of paint gets kicked over and you’ve washed the fifth blue paint splatter from your white leather sofa, it’s easy to see why a professional service is best.

If you’re not convinced and you’re still considering painting your own home, read on about the various benefits that hiring competent home decorators could bring you.

Professional Expertise

One of the great benefits of using home decorators is their expertise. Painting a house may seem simple, but there is a lot of knowledge that goes into creating a high-quality finish. Your professional will be able to advise you on primers, colour schemes and the best quality paint products to make sure you achieve the desired look.

Painting Equipment

For example, certain paints do not react with frost or cold as well as others. This may not be something you would consider as a DIY painter. However, professional home decorators will assess your property and take considerations like this into mind before advising you.

Painting Equipment On Ladder

DIY vs Professional Home Decorators

It’s a common misconception that painting your own home is easier and faster than hiring a professional. There are many reasons why qualified home decorators can save you money and time. However, what’s more important is the finish.

Using professional home decorators means you’ve got experienced, qualified and efficient tradesmen’s high quality services. This service is something they do daily, so not only will they know what to use, when to use it and how to do it best, they can do also do it faster as well.

An amateur DIY painter is likely to use incorrect products to paint furniture, glass or trim. They will also take a lot longer to get the job done. Save yourself the pain by using EFTI Decorating’s professional service.

Saving Time And Cost With Home Decorators

Buying paint, paintbrushes, filler, tools and all the other bits that come as part of a decorator’s arsenal costs money. If you subscribe to the idea that time is money, then trying to paint your home yourself is going to be less cost effective than just hiring home decorators.

At EFTI Decorating we come fully equipped with a team of qualified and professional decorators to ensure your property is finished to an extremely high standard, quickly and efficiently.

Get in Touch with EFTI to Hire Professional Home Decorators

We have over 25 years’ experience in the industry and have worked on all manner of projects over the years. EFTI’s reputation speaks for itself. From spare rooms to commercial hotels, we deliver a fantastic finish every time. Get in touch today for a free, no obligation quote or to discuss our services.

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