Exterior Painting Ideas For A Home That Stands Out

The way the exterior of your home looks can have a big impact on your kerb appeal. If you’d like to change the outer appearance of your home with exterior painting services, here’s some ideas you might want to use.

Use Pale Colours To Make Your Home Look Bigger

If you choose to get your exterior painting done in a light colour, it will create the illusion that your home is bigger. That’s because bright colours reflect the light better. This tricks your eyes into thinking the property is bigger than it actually is. This also has the added benefit of diverting heat away from your home in the summer.

Painted New Build Houses

White and ivory are very popular colours for homes. They are great colours that suit nearly any neighbourhood.

Use Darker Colours For Interesting Features

If you paint your entire home in a dark shade, you risk making it appear much smaller and dingier. Instead, we’d recommend using dark colours as accents. You can choose to have dark exterior painting done on your porch, chimney, doors and shutters if you’d like to make those features stand out. This can have a much more striking effect than simply painting the entire building.

Painting A Home Exterior In Bright Yellow

Go Bright

If you want to be daring, bright colours can be very effective. These tend to look great when your home is on a street where houses are already experimental with colour. However, as long as your local council permits, you can choose to have any colour you wish. Bright colours like yellow, pink and pale green can be very striking. Make sure you choose a light, bright colour as opposed to a dark one.

For Exterior Painting, Choose Efti Decorating

If your home’s exterior is letting you down, give us a call. Our team can paint the outside of your home, ensuring you have a fantastic finish. A fresh coat of paint can benefit your walls, doors, shutters, woodwork, metalwork and windowsills. Your home will look well-maintained and stylish with a fresh coat of paint.

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