Why Redecorating Is Better Than Moving House

If you’re desperate for a change of scenery, you may be asking yourself the question: is it better to move or improve? As painters and decorators who love redecorating homes of all varieties, we’re big advocates for staying put and improving on what you already have. Here’s a few reasons why we think it’s so great.

A Cost Effective Way To Upgrade Your Surroundings

Moving can be very expensive. Not only are there legal fees, there’s also moving fees, estate agent fees and stamp duty. These aren’t the only things you’ll have to fork out for. There are many other extra costs that can crop up when moving. In addition, unless the new home is already decorated exactly to your taste, you’ll still have to part with some pennies to make it your perfect home.

Leaf Patterned Wallpaper

On the other hand, redecorating your existing home can cost as little or as much as you like. If you only require simple painting and decorating jobs like new paint colours or wallpaper, you won’t need to spend very much to feel like your space is refreshed.

Redecorating Can Add Value To Your Home

Redecorating can add value to your home in some cases. If your current décor is very dated, a modern revamp might be all it needs to attract potential buyers and fetch a good sale price.

However, investing in painting and decorating services with the sole purpose of selling your home isn’t always the best idea. Unless the property is in a very poor state of repair, it’s not usually worth it. Most buyers will view a property with the expectation that they’ll decorate and put their own stamp on it. Therefore, you’re better off investing in decorating services for your own benefit.

Light And Airy Dining Room

Redecorating Is Fun!

Changing the appearance of your home can also change how your property feels to live in. You can be as creative as you like and craft your dream property. Whether it be feature walls, interesting wallpaper, new tiles, skirting boards or anything else. The details that you decide to change can have a big impact on the look and feel of your home.

When you choose a decorating contractor like us, you’ll benefit from our colour advice and expertise. So, even if you aren’t particularly skilled at interior decorating, we can help. Present us with a few ideas and aesthetics that you like, and we’ll plan the rest.

For Redecorating Services, Choose Efti Decorating

If you want to change the look of your home, give us a call. Our team can paint, decorate and more to a very high standard. You’ll also benefit from our expertise, skills and advice for a flawless and stylish end result.

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