Which Paint Finish Should I Choose?

When you opt for professional decorators, they will be on hand to make recommendations and advise on which paint is best for a space. If you’re new to the world of paints, there’s quite a few types of finishes to get your head around! In this article, we’ll explain what finishes you can choose from and where they’re most commonly used.


Sometimes described as being flat, matte finish paints have no sheen in. It doesn’t reflect the light, so is suited for bedrooms or feature walls. It has a high pigment which means minimal coats are needed. Depending on the brand, matte paints can be the easiest way to achieve the colour you want with less product required.


An eggshell finish is similar to that of an actual eggshell, hence the name. This is predominantly flat or matte, with a very gentle lustre or sheen. It gives an extremely smooth look to walls, making it a popular choice for living spaces.


Silk finish paint is a mid-sheen mixture for your walls. They are alright to wipe down if you get any marks or handprints on it. With silk, decorators need to make sure the right preparation goes into the wall to ensure it is smooth. Otherwise, it could make obvious any lumps and bumps that lie beneath. Silk and satin are very similar to each other.



Satin is pretty good at hiding imperfections, making it suitable for most walls and woodwork. It does have some reflective properties, just as you can imagine a piece of satin material. It appears to be the perfect combination of flat and shine, depending on where the light hits it. As a mid-range between high gloss and matte, this tends to be a popular finish for many homes. Again, it can be wiped down clean so is ideal for most high traffic rooms.


Gloss paint has the most shine of all the finishes. There is semi-gloss and high-gloss available.

Semi-gloss has high levels of shine, making it a durable paint finish. Gloss is the most simple to maintain finish, so it’s a good one for kitchens, children’s bedrooms or even bathrooms. Gloss has a higher resistance to moisture, which means it works better in areas that have higher humidity.

High-gloss is perfect for window sills, doors and skirting boards. Anything that needs a regular wipe down would benefit from such a long lasting paint, as it can handle daily scrubbing. Adequate prep needs to be done before application, because it can show any imperfections underneath. Make sure to call in the professional decorators to help with a smooth finish.

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