Trending Paint Colours For Your Home

Trends can be a hard thing to keep up with, which is why many people do choose to commit to a timeless colour palette for their home. Painters have seen various colours come, go and stay over the years.

What was once trendy in the last few decades are looked back on now as outdated, so if you follow any major trends there is a risk it may become old-fashioned too. Nowadays, most people favour neutral colours to avoid this, whilst still experimenting with various hues. Here are just some of the trending colours for your property right now.

Warm Hues

If you’re not a fan of bolder colours, in recent years we’ve seen spikes in warm hues. Dulux has named ‘Limitless’ as their colour of the year. This is fresh cream colour with a slight yellow-tone. Warmer hues tend to make a room more welcoming, making it an excellent choice for living rooms and bedrooms.

A peachy shade has been named Pantone’s colour of the year. This is a pastel version of a combination of orange and pink, and it can be quite a gentle addition to walls. It pairs well with neutrals and natural materials.


Whilst grey has been well loved for a long time, now we turn towards a warmer palette. Greige – grey and beige – is a well-loved combination for many homes and continues to be. It’s the perfect mix between cool and warm.

Newly Painted Living Rooms

Green Shades

Painters have seen that green hues have been a popular colour for walls for a number of years. Shades like sage and olive are brilliant neutrals for painters to coat your walls with. These type of greens let you introduce colour without being overpowering.

How To Choose The Colour For You

It can be hard committing to paint colours for your home. We recommend getting lots of tester paint pots and seeing what they look like on a small section of your wall. There are apps out there that can actually take a picture of your room and show you what a particular paint looks like on all your walls. This can help visualise how it will impact a room.

Look at your current furniture and consider what would match it. For ideas, search on the internet to help narrow down your choices. Pinterest is a platform that has many photographs to help find the colour for you!


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